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Weddings often take an immense amount of time and effort for all the little things to come together. A wedding, whether a one day occasion or a several day affair, creates countless meaningful memories with many of the people that have been so lucky to be your family and friends. We know how important your memories are and we’ve created Wedding Diary knowing just how special your wedding means. Even as your special moments come and go, we can help keep and share your memories forever.

What we offer

Love Story

Life works in such strange ways. Often when we least expect it, life surprises us with a fairy tale.
Every moment in our lives with the one we love make up all the chapters of our fairy tale. Wedding Diary can share all these beautiful stories with the world, sharing the many moments that make up your unique love story.
These chapters can be the day you met, your first kiss, your holiday trips, wedding moments and more. Wedding Diary keeps your fairy tale alive and unravels each chapter in a stylish digital storybook.

Events and parties

Weddings are made up of so many different pieces, including the bridal shower, bachelorette party, ceremony and reception. Our Events and Parties section allows you to bring all these invitations into one place and easily share them with your friends and family.
Whether you want to use this feature as an extra touch to your invitation, or you want to use Wedding Diary as the invitation itself, you can bring all of the information of venue, date and time, event details and more to your guests in just one click.
Even if a small change happens, Wedding Diary gives you the convenience of updating your guests all in one place.


They were the ones that loved you first and the ones that want to be there for your every special moment, including this one.
Wedding Diary knows that they hold a special place in your heart, so we’ve created a special place for them in your Wedding Diary.
Share with us what you love about them, their bad dad or mom jokes and other stories to make your friends and family smile.

Photo Gallery

The photo gallery is about reliving all of the countless moments during your special wedding events.
Though the moments don’t last forever, they can live forever in Wedding Diary to remind you of all the good people and emotions of those days.
You can create multiple photo galleries, where each photo is placed in a picturesque frame to easily browse and remember all of your parties, celebrations and more.

Bridesmaid & groomsmen

These are the special people in your life that have lent you an ear during your hard times, created great memories full of smiles and have helped you make your special day happen.
For the support, love and friendship that your bridesmaids and groomsmen have provided, Wedding Diary gives you a page to dedicate to these remarkable people in your lives.
This page in Wedding Diary allows you to introduce the party behind your big day, giving them a spotlight to share the stories of how they came to be chosen as your bridesmaid or groomsman.


Everyday that passes brings you closer to the day of your wedding, and every day thereafter is even more special as you enjoy unique experiences like your honeymoon or your first home.
Wedding Diary can do so much more than just serve as a photo album, but it can also offer your own personal blog that your friends and family can read as you get closer to ringing the wedding bells.
Wedding Diary offers ample space in your personal blog to share your thoughts without limits, as well as allowing you to keep track on the number of views for your posts.

Wedding Planner

With so many moving parts that lead up to walking down the aisle, wedding planners play such an important role making it all come together.
We’ve created the option for you to dedicate a page to this amazing person behind the curtains.
This spotlight helps to let your wedding planner know that their efforts to go above and beyond for the perfect day paid off and that you appreciate their help beyond words that can explain.

Social Media Links

Social media has helped us keep the most up-to-date with all of the latest news in today’s world. Wedding Diary can help you stay connected with all your guests with any changes.
Wedding Diary can connect to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more social media platforms to make sure that everyone is always in the loop as the days come closer.
Even when the words of love have been said and the rings have been placed, you can update everyone with Wedding Diary once those special memories have been uploaded into your gallery.


Get Set-up In Minutes

Wedding Diary is easy to set-up with two simple plans to choose from. We have a Money-Saver Plan, which gives you an entire year of access to your Wedding Diary for $199 (which is as little as $16.58 a month). We also have a Month-to-Month Plan, which gives you commitment-free monthly access to your Wedding Diary for $19.99 a month. With your event invitation details, photo gallery, personal blog and stories all in one place, the value of Wedding Diary is priceless.


Easily Customize Your Wedding Diary Layout

There are so many other things that need to be done to perfect the wedding, so we’ve made sure that the Wedding Diary was designed to be easy to use and customize to your unique story. Adding or removing pages, such as the Wedding Planner page or the Bridesmaids and Groomsmen page, are as easy as a cinch. Galleries can be created by mass uploading multiple images at one time. Blogs are easy as name your title, write your thoughts and click to publish. It’s your story and we make it easy to tell it the way you want it to be told.


Choose From Multiple Themes

Along with customizing your logo, you also have the option to choose from three different stylish themes with their own unique design to fit your preference.


Choose From Multiple Logos

Every loving couple has their own story to tell, so we’ve included multiple logos to choose from that fit your unique story. The Wedding Diary logo stays at the top left of every page that your guest see.

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Hear from our clients that have used Wedding Diary and their thoughts on why we’re amazing.

We’ve been through many challenges together and through the difficult times, we’ve become each others rock in our lives. The wedding day meant a lot to us because it took so much to get there, the day where we would happily accept each other as our life partner in front of so many special people in our lives. While things were very hard for us, we’ve received so much support from our family and friends to make this day possible. We’ve wanted to let them know how much it means that they were to be there on our wedding day and that we appreciate everything they’ve done to still remain in our lives today. Wedding Diary has allowed us to tell our story, as well as share with the ones we love what they’ve meant to us and why we’ve been so honored to have them be a part of our wedding.

Amy and Sasha

We knew the day would come where we would start our lives together with one another. We were in a long-distance relationship for close to two years, but knew that for every day that passed us, we were working hard to make that day happen. Finally, after being close to 3,000 miles apart between Seattle and New York City, when Tom popped the question and the timing was perfect, we were so ecstatic to let everyone know that we were getting married. We have friends all over the country, and then even some who have moved out of the country, so Wedding Diary has really made it so easy for us to let everyone know about our big day. As the pieces fell into place and the wedding was being planned, updates were so simple to send to everyone. Wedding Diary made our wedding with guests from so many different places very easy to organize, we don’t know how we could have done it without them.

Tom and Benedict

We love laughing together and we love playing jokes on each other. It really makes us feel that we’re lucky to have a relationship that’s so fun to be in and we wanted to share some of these funny moments with everyone. We also love to be around our friends and our family, because we feel that they reflect who we are. We wanted a way to share this with our guests, to really be able to let them get to know about us and our story before the wedding day. We used Wedding Diary to share about our quirky and amazing friends and why we’ve chosen them to stand beside us at the altar. We also dedicated a page to our parents that have supported us no matter how hard times became, always letting us know that home is where the heart is. We loved that it was a way to tell our story about us, our family and friends that made this wedding so special.

Erica and Hugh

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